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The furniture system which is dedicated to display jewellery. It's characteristic feature is modularity - every single element is responsible for a different function. They might be correlated in a an arbitrary way, depending on the will of the merchandiser. The inspiration for this showroom comes from the interiors of 50's and 60's of last century. Simple cubes and cuboids made of oak veneer, some with white varnish, and the legs made of oak are light and subtle despite of heaviness and rawness of materials used. The system also consists of a counter, wall lockers, and delicate, flat expositor with slim, steel bars. Pastel colours add a feminine like character to the whole interior.


Lights in the showcases bring out and emphasize the shine of the presented products. The jewellery showroom inspires and encourages to lose oneself in a moment of oblivion and purchase a small gift.

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