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Company's history

In 1980 Edward Baczewski founded Bemarc - a one man enterprise, producing frames for tables, with adjustable height, furniture accessories, and fittings. The market was growing rapidly, therefore the enterprise began its' development in terms of personnel and technology. The company then moved to a new venue in a strategic, convenient point - on the main route from Poznań to Warsaw. This has enabled the construction of modern manufacturing halls, endowed with the newest equipment in the market.

In December 2013 Bemarc changed formally, and developed into a company with three owners, Edward Baczewski, his daughter Paulina Marciniak, and his son Marcin Baczewski.


The family character of the company has influenced the atmosphere in our workplace. We care about individuals, however we all work as a team and engage equally in our projects. Taking care of consistent progress and innovation has resulted in contracts with the most well known brands inside and outside of Poland. Today we deliver our services all over Europe. Our top quality furniture equips many prominent fashion stores.

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Edward Baczewski

Founder and co-owner of Bemarc company. President of the Board. He was inspired by a welding shop, he worked for to open his own business. Western Europe was always a reference to him. Thanks to his efforts in introducing European standards, constantly developing the company and investing in the newest machines, Bemarc has gained recognition and long-term clients in Poland and abroad. Edward Baczewski is still a key person and decision-maker of the company. Currently he deals with production control and quality assurance.

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Paulina Marciniak

Paulina, law graduate, joined the company in 2006. Firstly she was carrying out a position of a trader and account manager, getting familiar with the enterprise and taking part in decision making, preparing to take over the Managing Director role, which she is fulfilling now. Paulina has specialized in clients acquisition. She has completed accountancy training in order to enhance her competencies. In 2013 she became a co-owner of Bemarc. Paulina is coordinating all the departments in the office, she is responsible for the negotiations with new clients, establishing further development directions, implementation of new investments and raising EU funds.

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Jadwiga Baczewska

Jadwiga Baczewska fulfills a role of Director of Finances. Since the establishment of Bemarc in 1980 she was contributing in the creation of the company, firstly being responsible for all aspects associated with administration, accounting and trading. As Bemarc was growing and hiring more personnel, these duties were than divided and nowadays Jadwiga is managing the company?s financial and accounting departments.

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Marcin Baczewski

Marcin started his work in Bemarc in 2001. He has graduated from Marketing and Management. In 2008 he became a qualified locksmith and completed pedagogical course in order to train the employees. Due to many CNC machines programming and ISO trainings Marcin is now an expert in these matters. From 2013 he is a co-owner of the company. Marcin deals with technical drawings, CNC machines programming, machine park servicing, technologists coordination and is involved in the contacts with key clients.

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Production offer

The company prides itself on having the newest machines to process steel and wood. Over 10,000 square meters of production and warehouse space allows us to provide the highest standard of services and to complete orders in a timely manner, even during the peak season.

CNC machines have accuracy to tenths of millimeters, which significantly influences the quality of the products. CNC machines also increase the productivity of the company. Thanks to them, it is much easier and faster to achieve the effects, which previously required time-consuming manual work.


Vehicles used by Bemarc are frequently monitored and exchanged, to ensure that health and safety measures are met, and to avoid any disturbances in the manufacturing process.

CNC machines process black (charcoal) steel, stainless steel, and aluminium, as well as slabs and laminates. We achieve the highest efficiency of processing, along with the utmost shape and dimension accuracy and ideal surface of the material, which is possible by using CNC machines. Mathematical functions, which describe the shape of the objects, were used to evolve a steerage, which convert given values on the moves of the machines.

We operate across all European countries and in the Middle East.

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Bemarc?s headquarters is very conveniently located on the suburbs of Poznan, Greater Poland?s capital, close to popular international and domestic routes. This location ensures effective cooperation with our clients, fast deliveries and easy arrival. Bemarc is situated close to 92 route, which connects Warsaw and Świecko on the western boarder. A2 highway entrance is only 15 minutes away. A2 is an excerpt of European E30 route which is starting in Irish city Cork and finishing in Omsk, Russia. 10 minutes east from Bemarc there is an entrance to S5 route, which will soon connect Olsztyn and Wroclaw.