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The Bemarc team

The Bemarc team consists of 60 carefully selected professionals, who work with the commitment to deliver the highest quality of services we can offer. We care mostly about development. Experts, who are gradually joining us, bring their innovative ideas, vision, and knowledge to our departments and improve their functioning. Bemarc supports young talent - we hire the best graduates from universities of technology, and provide them with training and opportunities to gain experience from the experts, and use modern tools.


Every employee is trained on Computer Numerical Control machines (CNC), which are the newest machines in the market nowadays. Our professionals, and our innovative, effective machines guarantee the highest quality of products.

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In relation to the opening of a second store in Poland, we would like to thank BEMARC for professionalism and excellent services. We express a hope for another cooperation in the future, which will run as smoothly.

Paweł Ciechanowski, President of the Board, Rosa Fashion FML Limited Co.


The whole process of design, execution, delivery and installation went very professionally and on time. Bemarc presents not only a high level in terms of technology, but also a high culture of customer service.

Daniel Naworol, President of the Board, Ambit Limited Co.


In relation to the opening of the Al Rifai store in Poznan I would love to thank Bemarc company for their cooperation and professionalism.

Dr Mohammed Al-Saad, President of the Board, Unlimited Investments Inc.